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Bring the power of nature right to your dinner table with Maitreya wild rice. Our 100% all-natural minnesota wild rice brings the power and aromas of the great outdoors right to your dinner table. At Maitreya, we believe you deserve the highest quality, most flavorful whole grain goodness. With nutty taste and chewy texture, you’ll discover a whole new incredible rustic touch to every meal.
organic wild rice whole grains scattered on a black table

What is Wild Rice?

Wild rice is a semi-aquatic grass that is found and grown in abundance in the Great Lakes region. It’s only one of two most commonly eaten grains in the United States. Wild rice has been cultivated for centuries and grows in waterways throughout the United States naturally.

However, while it looks like rice, it is in fact not an actual rice. Instead, it’s aquatic grass that contains edible grain. If you’ve eaten wild rice before, you’ll remember it for its more rustic flavoring that reminds you of nutty, earth tones.

all natural wild rice plants during harvest season

Where does Wild Rice Come From?

Wild rice is native to the Connecticut River Basin but can be found throughout the United States in waterways. You can even find wild rice thriving along the Gulf Coast, which can grow up to 12 feet high. We proudly source our wild rice in the waterways of Minnesota.

grains of organic wild rice and brown rice side by side

Wild Rice Vs. Brown Rice

You already know that brown rice is healthier than white rice. But where does wild rice fit in the equation? While they are both packed with nutritional benefits that are great for you, we believe that wild rice has a slight edge. Let's take a look at why.

Wild rice is significantly lower in both calories and carbs than rice. For example, one cup of wild rice contains 166 calories and 35 grams of total carbs, whereas the same amount of brown rice has 248 calories and 52 grams of carbs. Minnesota wild rice is higher in protein and fiber than brown rice, and if that’s not exciting enough, it is also NON-GMO and gluten free.

wild rice nutritional facts

Wild Rice Nutritional Facts

So, just how healthy is wild rice? It’s important that you get the essential grains and nutrients you need to get through the day. Let’s take a look at wild rice’s nutritional facts and see how it can help you achieve your daily nutrients.

Wild Rice Nutritional Benefits

Cooking wild rice can be one of the best things to do for your health at home. This is because there are many benefits of incorporating wild rice into your eating routine.

wild rice is low carb and helps with heart health

Better Heart Health

When you swap out that carb-loaded brown or white rice for low carb and calorie wild rice, you’ll discover that it also has heart benefits. This is because it’s packed with powerful antioxidant and lipid-lowering properties that help keep your cholesterol low.

wild rice benefits you if you are trying to loose weight

Help with Weight Loss

There’s nothing quite like getting the rich, flavorful taste that comes from wild rice and knowing that you’re also contributing to your own weight loss. In addition, incorporating grains like our all natural wild rice into your diet helps prevent overeating while ensuring you’re keeping your caloric intake low.

whole grain wild rice icon

High in Protein and Fiber

Wild rice has the distinct honor of being a complete protein. You’ll get all 9 essential amino acids with every bite. Plus, it has the same amount of fiber as brown rice, so you are all set.

bowl full cooked organic minnesota wild rice on a dinner table

How to cook Wild Rice

There are many ways to cook wild rice, and all of them help provide a health-conscious meal every time. Instapot wild rice is an excellent way to pull out the flavor of your all-natural wild rice and can be easy to do. The nutty, earth flavors add a bit of rustic aromas to every meal, especially when you’re cooking your wild rice in the rice cooker.

cooking wild rice inside of a rice cooker on table with a pink and white plate

Wild Rice in Rice Cooker

For instance, add 1 cup of wild rice to your rice cooker or Instantpot, add 1 ½ cups of water, and hit the rice button, and walk away! You can use your favorite broth in place of the water for a bit more flavoring for a fun twist!

Wild Rice on Stove Top

The best and easiest way to cook wild rice is directly on the stovetop. But remember, this isn’t your standard white or brown rice, meaning there are few things you need to do differently. Here is our method to achieve perfect wild rice, every time.

icon of wild rice being rinsed in water

Step One

Rinse wild rice thoroughly.

water being boiled ready for wild rice

Step Two

Boil 4 cups of water.

1 cup of wild rice in measuring cup

Step Three

Add 1 cup of wild rice.

cooking wild rice inside a pot

Step Four

Cover and cook for 45 minutes.

pot of organic wild rice being drained of water

Step Five

Drain water and season for taste.